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Barrie T. Rose


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I landed on the Big Island for the first time almost 50 years ago. My husband and I were gifted this “honeymoon” experience by our grandparents who loved visiting the islands more than any other place on the planet and knew that it would be the greatest gift of all.

We camped throughout the islands and fell in love with the culture, the climate, and the beauty. It was like no other place we had ever known. Having established a successful business on the mainland already we were chosen by the world’s largest honey producer and world’s largest queen bee producer to help them start another company called Kona Queen Company here in Hawaii. This being an ideal location to raise queen bees we soon became the world’s largest queen honeybee producer. We built it one queen bee at a time and soon we were providing a large number of reliably healthy queen bees which we shipped all over the world. There were vast complexities in establishing this complex business.

The Big Island is where we have also raised two daughters and after almost 20 years living in South Kona it became clear that it was time for our daughters to move to Waimea where they would benefit from a better education in one of the most wonderful private schools in Waimea.

This was why I decided to get my real estate license to support us in this transition which was a great decision for many reasons, and I have thrived in this business for almost 25 years now.

I sincerely love helping people find properties that meet all of their dreams! I know the island well and provide my clients with information that facilitates them to make a well informed decision as to where they will choose to raise a family and be in the best position to invest wisely in their future.

Real estate is a very satisfying profession! I have met the most wonderful people over the years, and I am delighted knowing that they have chosen well in their investments. We continue to have good relations over time and now I continue to advise these past clients and am always happy to work with the many referrals that now come my way.

Hawaii is an amazing world in and of its own. With the diversity of communities, eco-zones, and lifestyle opportunities it is truly an honor to participate in the process of both buying and selling properties here. Whether someone is investing in a primary home, an investment property, or a ranch or farm it always helps to enlist someone with extensive market knowledge.

Given the state of the world at this time I believe the Big Island is a unique place in which to model sustainability practices. I have dedicated almost 20 years of my life to developing an off-grid self-sustainable permaculture farm in Hamakua. Having planted over 150 exotic fruit, nut, and spice trees, we maintain extensive organic vegetable gardens, while raising sheep, ducks, and chickens which are integral to enriching and building the already great soil of this land. This amazing property has evolved into a model of sustainable permaculture living, which helps to support the vision of supporting the Big Island to ultimately become self-sustainable in years to come.

Being an active member of our island community has allowed me to raise children and grandchildren while providing us all with a most satisfying lifestyle. Having lived in Waimea since 1996 I enjoy sharing my knowledge and inspiration with others who are interested in discovering how they might discover how to design and live their most unique and satisfying lifestyle in Hawaii.

Barrie T. Rose