Kamuela Hardwoods – An Urban Timber Salvage Company

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Nestled in the open pastures on the Southern edge of Waimea Town, sits the Old Parker Ranch Slaughterhouse, now the restored home of Kamuela Hardwoods, a unique shop that sells over 30 varieties of Hawai’i Island hardwood slabs.

Walking into the big open spaces, with stacks and stacks of vertical wood slabs lined up as far as the eye can see, is a wondrous, sensory experience. With the earthy fragrances of the different woods, dazzling colors and textures —each slab with its own natural design and pattern, it is hard to know where to start to make a selection!

Kamuela Hardwoods slabs

The team at Kamuela Hardwoods, headed by Alex Woodbury, co-owner and woodworker, and Josh Greenspan, co-owner and ISA Certified arborist, bring passion and expertise to their work – and it shows. For almost 2 decades they have transformed, not only the Old Slaughterhouse building, but how salvaged wood can be utilized in every way possible to maximize its’ value and resourcefulness. What is left from milling the wood slabs is sold for firewood and wood chips.The company logo says it all, “Respect your Elders / Know Your Roots”.

Kamuela Hardwoods

As part of Parker Ranch’s “Investing in Our Community” strategic plan initiative, in 2021 Alex and Josh were offered the opportunity to enhance their vision with a strategic business partnership that provides a steady, sustainable source of wood, and financial resources. A full milling, processing, and drying & staging area was established in a former airplane hanger outside of town that allows the salvaged wood from Parker Ranch lands to be deposited and processed all in one place. After the Mill Magic is completed, the wood is then trucked to the shop to sell to local artisans, consumers, and builders here on the Island. Everyone wins in this scenario. The proceeds from sales help Parker Ranch to increase their reforestation efforts, the shop receives a steady source of wood, and local consumers and artisans have access to an amazing array of local wood. Ultimately, the planet is the beneficiary of this creative, resourceful, process.

Kamuela Hardwoods store
The shop also sells beautiful finished wood products, made in-house, including various sized table tops, picnic tables, charcuterie boards, picture frames, and even more. Customers can order custom-designed products, and hand-select the wood slabs they want to use.
Artisans Hui

To further opportunities for artisans and wood workers on the island, Kamuela Hardwoods hosts the newly formed “Artisan’s Hui” at the shop every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm. The theme, “Art – Leather – Wood” has on display for sale some of the finest hand-made products in all three art forms by local artists.

For more information about Kamuela Hardwoods, please email [email protected] or call the company directory line at (808) 731-9924.

For additional information about the Artisan’s Hui, please contact local artist Marcia Ray by email at  [email protected] or call (808) 430-1120.

Shop at the Kamuela Hardwoods online store, or visit the showroom located at 67-1140 Lindsey Rd. in Waimea, just South of Kahilu Theater behind Mana Christian Ohana. Look for the wooden signs.