Take a Shelter Dog on a Field Trip!

by | Apr 24, 2024 | Featured, Hawaii Island Life, Pets and Ranch Animals

Elevate Your Day or Visitor Experience, Show Your Love for Animals!

If you are in need of some “furry friends”’ companionship and want to help the Hawaii Island Humane Society, consider their new program, “Field Trips For Shelter Dogs”.

Hawaii Island Humane Society

This program allows you to take a shelter dog for the day on a field trip with you and your family or group of friends, to the beach, a park, or anywhere that gives the dog a chance to get some exercise, interact, and socialize.

Hawaii Island Humane Society

A day out of the shelter is the best day ever for a shelter dog, and you will be duly rewarded with the joy and love received for taking them out for the day. There are many opportunities for local families, visitors, and groups to take advantage of this program. A family reunion, birthday party, weekend picnic, or just for fun, pick up a shelter dog for the day to join in your celebration, or just to make their day!

Ultimately, the goal is to help shelter dogs meet potential adopters who would give them a permanent and loving home. As a visitor to the island, you can elevate your visitor experience here, and give a little Aloha to the animals that are in need. Or, if you live on island and want to regularly take dogs on field trips, contact the Humane Society and ask about their Loyal Field Trippers program!

As a non-profit organization, the Hawaii Island Humane Society relies on compassionate animal lovers for support, and requests a donation of $25 for non-residents, and $10 for residents to participate in the Field Trips for Shelter Dogs program.

To book a field trip, you may sign up online at “Field Trips For Shelter Dogs”, email them directly at [email protected], or give them a call at (808) 966-5458.


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