Relocation Services Now Offered at HPB!

by | Jul 21, 2023 | Featured, Relocation Services

You are moving to Hawaiʻi… a dream come true, right?!

Living here IS a dream, however getting here can be a nightmare if you are unprepared.

Welcome to Hawai’i Pacific Brokers Relocation Services… a one-stop shop that provides the guidance and resources necessary for a smooth transition. Starting with an up-front consultation, we can determine your needs and wants and design a customized move experience that answers all your questions before you get here.

Timing is everything, so an organized coordination between your move-in date here, your departure date from where you are currently living, packing and shipping your household goods, cars, and pets is critical for a smooth transition. Relocating pets is a delicate process, with the State of Hawai’i being a rabies free state, which requires preliminary bloodwork, clear test results, and required shots before pets can pass through the Department of Agriculture. Depending on their size, and sensitivities, some pets can be crated and fly over with you, or may need to be shipped separately. Recommending reputable vendor companies, and arranging all of these important aspects of your move, is a big part of the services we provide. And, these vendor companies can give you approximate cost estimates upfront to plan and budget for.

Need temporary housing or rental property when you arrive? We work closely with reputable Property Management companies throughout the islands who are knowledgeable about properties in areas that fit your needs and wants. Ready to purchase a home? Our team of topnotch real estate relocation specialists on each island will step in to assist you directly with your specific criteria. Need help selling your home in your departure city? Hawai’i Pacific Brokers is aligned with a worldwide network of independent, knowledgeable real estate companies who will be matched with your needs and the timing of your move.

If you are relocating as part a new employment opportunity here in the islands, we can help. Coordinating your move with your new employer, and our relocation services, makes the whole process go much more smoothly for all involved. Alignment of all parties up-front, and good communication throughout the process, is key to a successful move.

So, you are asking… what do our relocation services cost? The answer is, our complimentary services are AT NO COST to you, as a valued customer/client of Hawai’i Pacific Brokers. We are here to assist you, your family, your friends, your company…whatever your needs may be, with ALOHA!

For more information please contact:

Sarah Bakewell, REALTOR-Broker
Director, Relocation Services